Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Gathering notes

At the gathering various speakers gave short talks on their particular family from the Low Dutch Colony. Diana was tossed into the fray when I volunteered her to speak for our Montfort kin. I took on my Riker family of which I knew very little. I had some imput by several Riker descendants that helped immensely with my presentation and I have to thank Lynn Rogers, Mary Parks and Edgar Nutt for their emails and information. I think it went well and was informative for those in attendance. Each family had set up displays for their particular lines of the Low Dutch and Diana and I were among those with displays, charts, and binders with information. I had prepared charts to show how each of my Low Dutch ancestors fit into it...the Demarests, Rikers, Bantas, Montforts, Terhunes and the connection to the Boone family through my Montfort line. I had also made a chart showing the names of all the Low Dutch members who joined the Shaker society in Kentucky in the early 1800's, some 89 in all.
The best part was meeting old friends from the first Dutch gathering in 2005 and finding new friends and relatives at this one. I was very excited to meet Artist and Hartwell Montfort from Kentucky, as well as Tom Wylie who just recently began searching for his Montfort family. Jeanne and Steve Carlisle were also there representing their Montfort line and Ed and Charlotte Westerfield who also have a connection to the Montforts. Carla Gerding is another searching the Montforts and hopefully we can help each other out with her line of the family. I missed Joyce Hardin. She came to the Old Mud Meeting House but Diana and I had stopped on the way to find more about the Six Mile Meeting House which sits on or next to the original 200 acres of our Francis Montfort Sr. We just missed meeting her but have been writing since coming home and comparing notes. Her husband is my Montfort relative but in a bit of irony, Joyce is kin to me through the Boone line!!! Our common ancestor is Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone, the parents of Daniel and Squire. Joyce is from son Israel and I am from daughter Sarah Boone Wilcoxson, older siblings of Daniel and Squire and the reasons the Boone family left the Quaker church. I must get off for now and get ready for an important has to tend to the job of grandparenting and be on hand for the oldest grandsons Christmas Band Concert this afternoon. More later.

Barbara Whiteside

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