Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting the Christmas Spirit.

Very slowly, here it is the 16th and I finally found the Christmas wreathe but little else. Trying to prepare for the holidays is getting in the way of writing on the blog, reading, crocheting and the weather is little help. We escaped the more severe of the snow and ice that went through Central Indiana but it is cold and blustery and not conducive to shopping for the gifts I still need to buy. Our cards are made but my goal of getting them out by the 15th is a pipe dream as they are more likely going to the post office on the 17th or 18th. One of these years I will make good the threat to send them in late March....that is either avoiding the rush for the next season or just a fit of picque about the hustle and bustle right before the holidays.

I received from a Montfort cousin some copies of pictures of her older ancestors and am struck by their similarity to ones of my lines. She also sent me a good copy of the Vories/Montfort book that I was glad to get for my collection.

I was commenting on the gathering of the cousins in KY in late Sept.....and must add the visit to the grave of the grandfather of Pres Abraham Lincoln, with the OLD spelling of the name, Linkhorn, on the marker. The grandfather for whom he was named, was killed by Indians in 1786 just east of present day Louisville, KY. The Lincoln family had married into the family of Daniel Boone a few generations before both moved to KY. The site is near the Long Run Massacre and there is where my Leah Demarest met her fate at the hands of a marauding band of Indians in 1781. I cannot begin to imagine the fear she had when the group of settlers she was traveling with, were set upon in mid September.

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