Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grave rubbing at Shakertown Cemetery 2007

Thought I might write about the visit to the cemetery at Shakertown in the fall of 2007 with my cousin, Diana Davis. We had just visited with Larrie Curry at the administration building where she made copies of the cemetery layout and initials on the remaining graves. It also showed the center section where no stones remain but where graves have been found through soundings. With this in mind, we entered the cemetery hoping to figure out where Grandpa Francis might be buried. Its almost certain he's in the center section of the cemetery where markers were taken for use in foundations of cabins and barns in the late 1800's. But something directed me to the right of the cemetery as you walk in and a short hike up an incline to a marker that sure looked it had C. M. etched into it. Taking whatever paper and pencil I could find in my bag I made a rubbing of the stone and what I made is shown above. We were certain we had found our Charity Banta Montfort.

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